MTG Tournament and Gaming Formats

What is MTG Limited Format?

Magic The Gathering Limited is a format that requires players to use a limited card pool when building a deck. In MTG Constructed, players can use any cards that are legal within that format. In MTG Limited format, however, players must build their deck while opening a specific number of Magic cards. The deck used must be made entirely out of cards that come from a specific number of MTG products. Because the decks used in Limited are made from specific products, players are not able to build decks in advance. Instead, players must build their deck within a specified window of time before participating in the tournament.

There are numerous MTG Limited formats. The most commonly played are formats are Sealed and Booster Drafts. Other formats include Conspiracy and Cube Drafts.

Magic the Gathering Formats
MTG Team Booster Pack

MTG Sealed Tournaments

During Sealed tournaments, players are presented with six booster packs. Every pack contains 15 cards. Players must use thea se cards to construct a 40-card deck. Sealed can also be played in a Team format. This format is typically used in pre-release tournaments.

In the past, 75-card tournament packs were used for Sealed tournaments. These packs contained two booster packs, 45 cards, and 30 basic lands.

However, after Throne of Eldraine was introduced on October 4, 2019, the format changed. Now, Standard Limited tournaments are played with Draft Boosters.

MTG Booster Drafts

During a Booster Draft, players are seated together at a table. In Sanctioned Magic Drafts, it is necessary to have eight players. However, it is possible to run a draft with fewer players. Once everyone has been seated, they will be presented with three booster packs, each containing 15 cards. Every player will open their first pack at the same time.

Players will choose one card from the pack, then pass the remaining cards to the player next to them. Typically, players alternate between passing to the left and the right between packs. Once players have gone through all of the cards in the pack, the next pack will be open, and so on. This will continue until all of the packs have been opened and players have drafted 15 cards from each pack. From there, players must build a deck from the cards they have selected.

It is not necessary for players to draft the Basic Lands that they will use in their deck. Typically, a tournament organizer will provide Basic Lands. Players can take all of the Basic Lands they need to complete a deck. Booster Drafts can also be played in a team format.

MTG Booster Draft Format
MTG Conspiracy Format

MTG Conspiracy Format

Conspiracy is a multiplayer format that can be played with 3-9 players. Like with Booster Drafts, players will have three rounds to draft cards. This process will function similarly to a Booster Draft. The key difference is that a special type of booster pack must be used. Conspiracy booster packs contain Conspiracy cards. These are special cards that may influence the rules of the draft. As an example, a Conspiracy card could state that a player is free to draft multiple cards from a single pack. Conspiracy cards can easily be identified by their borders.

Two-Headed Giant Format

This format is played in both Constructed and Limited. It requires two players to share a card pool. When played in Limited, the rules are similar to the rules of a Booster Draft. However, after the draft is finished, the two players will share a card pool. Players are able to pool the cards they have drafted and build a deck together. Because of these rules, Two-Headed Giant teams often communicate about the colors they want to draft in advance. When the deck has been built, two-player teams will compete against each other. Teams have a shared life total, and teams must take their turn together.

MTG Two Headed Giant Format
MTG Cube Format

MTG Cube Format

Cube is a Limited format that allows tournament organizers to select the pool of cards that players will be able to draft from when building decks. In order to build a Cube, you will essentially need to build 15 card packs. The number of packs that will need to be created will vary based on the number of participating players.

It’s common for Cubes to include 360 cards, but 720 card cubes, which can support two eight-player drafts, are also commonly used. There are a number of variations on Cube. For example, in a Singleton Cube, a Cube cannot contain more than one copy of a single card.

It is necessary for Limited Decks to contain a minimum of 40 cards. While it is possible to play with more cards, it is necessary for a player to be able to shuffle their deck on their own. All of the cards the player does not use will be part of their sideboard. Players can use the cards in their sideboard and change their deck between matches.

MTG Limited in Standard Format

The Standard format requires players to build decks from card sets that were recently released. While these rules also apply in Limited, there are typically more restrictions on the cards that players are permitted to use. In Booster Drafts, for example, players will typically draft cards from the Magic set that was most recently released.

Since Magic The Gathering was released in 1993, it has gone through numerous changes. In the early days of the game, there were fewer card synergies, which made it more difficult to build a Limited deck. It was initially considered to be a format that required a great deal of luck. Today, building a Limited deck requires skill. Players must be familiar with the card pool, be aware of card synergies, and be able to choose the best cards for their deck.

MTG Planeswalker Format
MTG Limited Format

What is the "Bread Formula"?

Many players use the B.R.E.A.D. formula when drafting cards and sets. This formula recommends that players select Bombs, extremely powerful cards, first. From there, players should choose Removal cards. Evasion cards, such as creatures that have Flying or creatures that can’t be blocked, are the next option. Aggro cards, which are aggressive cards, should be selected next. Dud cards should only be chosen if there are no other options.

MTG Limited formats are extremely popular with Magic the Gathering players. While Constructed formats usually require players to invest in expensive cards, Magic The Gathering Limited levels the field of play and puts players on an equal level for a more interesting game.